Friday, October 11, 2013

Families of workplace fatality victims unable to pay funeral costs.

The loved ones of Massachusetts workers who die on the job are pressing the state legislature to provide adequate funeral benefits. At this time, they only receive $4,000 – not enough to pay for an average funeral.

According to the 2010 funeral price survey by the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral cost for an adult is $7,775. Add a cemetery plot, grave marker, flowers and obituary notices, and the average cost for all funeral expenses is at least $9,000. Proposed legislation in Massachusetts providing for burial benefits under workers’ compensation (H1698, SB866) would increase the benefits allotment from $4,000 to $8,000. That’s a 50% increase which is long overdue.

Massachusetts will only pay 50% of funeral costs.
In Massachusetts, the burial benefits allotment under workers’ compensation has remained at $4,000 for decades. Burial benefits in most states are substantially higher than Massachusetts, including Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana and New Mexico ($7,500); Illinois ($8,000); North Dakota ($10,000); and Minnesota ($15,000).

Workplace deaths are never expected.
Workplace fatality is never expected and with the economy in decline, many families do not carry life insurance or they are underinsured. So many families of these workplace fatality victims simply do not have the funds to cover these expenses.

Joining a group of impacted families, workplace safety experts and legal association leaders, Flynn encouraged the Massachusetts legislature to pass a bill, the Families of Fallen Workers Burial Act, that would increase burial benefits under workers compensation to ensure that other families will be able to afford to bury their loved ones.

Do you know what your workplace benefits are?
“The loss of a loved one is hard enough on a family without having to worry about burial costs,” said Senator Brian A. Joyce, the Senate lead sponsor. “When a worker loses his or her life on the job, the families left behind deserve enough compensation to put their loved one to rest and begin to heal.”

 “It is time to acknowledge that this is not only morally responsible, but it is simply the right thing to do. It is time to pass the Families of Fallen Workers Burial bill.”

Do you know what your state pays for workplace fatalities? Are you underinsured? Now is the time to plan for the unexpected. If you know someone who is in this unfortunate situation and cannot pay for a loved one’s funeral expenses, let Funeral Fund help. Funeral Fund allows you to set up a memorial/donation page to raise monies online and in a fast, effective way. We can help.

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