Friday, November 1, 2013

Now you can “Emerge” from death; as a tree.

The 2013 winner of the "Eco/Green Deathcare" category for Design for Death is France's Mr. Pierre Rivière and Mr. Enzo Pascual, with his entry called "Emergence," where a cemetery is envisaged to be a reservoir of life – made of biological concrete to absorb carbon dioxide and give electricity, and where the departed rest in biodegradable urns or caskets that can eventually revitalize the earth through their remains.

You can come back, as a tree.

Emergence highlights the afterlife based on the adage attributed to Lavoisier: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". This Emergence project strives to make the cemetery the center of an eco-system of life, a place of peace and places of worship for the families and friends of the deceased.

Your place of rest becomes the site for a newly emerging and growing tree.

Emergence is an underground biodegradable casket connected to an upper space designed for visitors to sit and meditate. You basically become one with a growing tree. And so your life continues and others can take joy in your transformation.

The concept consists of two parts.

1. An underground space including a biodegradable casket which enriches the soil, through the choice of materials such as PLA (bioplastic) for the upper (100% biobased, compostable 100% transparent, rigid and easy to install work) and Bio-composites for the base part (100% biobased, 100% compostable, rigid and easy to implement).

2. The upper part consists of two elements; a reservoir of life is in direct connection with the biodegradable casket of the deceased and a foundation for meditation.

3. These two modules are produced with a concrete biological compound that promotes the growth of microorganisms and absorbs some of the atmospheric CO2. The reservoir of life is to develop the continuity of life of the deceased. This extension allows plants to produce electricity and light. This method works 24 hours 24 regardless of sun or wind, courtesy of the plants. This technology is also CO2 neutral, quiet, clean and efficient.

The first international “Design for Death” competition.

The Design for Death competition was sponsored by two philanthropic organizations in Singapore, the Lien Foundation and ACM Foundation, and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) in the unveil future trends and ideas for how people will remember the dead. This competition was the first of its kind in the world.

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