Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What Gives Me a Little Taste of Heaven Right Here

Photo Credit: Funeral Fund

When a loved one is lost, we tend to dwell on the negative feelings borne of their passing rather than the good they brought into our lives. To make matters more confusing, our sadness in their leaving us is directly converse to how happy they made us feel in life. These losses are terrible, but they can prompt us to take stock of our lives, to consider our hearts and joys.

When I consider my loved ones passing, I like to think of them in a place of happiness and peace. Because of this, when I am happy and at peace, it is like I am visiting them for a brief and wonderful moment, like I am getting a glimpse into the joy and splendor where they wait for me. For me, those moments are little tastes of Heaven right here on Earth.

We've all felt them, which is why it is so important to notice them and appreciate them. When a perfect cloud or a light breeze comes at just the right moment to cool you on a hot day, when the sun is setting like a beautiful ball of pink and orange fire in a cotton candy sky, or a smell takes you back to some fond childhood memory, those are little tastes of Heaven. When we welcome those wonderful moments of tranquility and beauty into our lives, we're visiting with Heaven. The veil has become thinner for us and we can see right inside, and our losses become a little more bearable.

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