Thursday, December 11, 2014

Can you Bargain Shop for a Casket?

Photo Credit:Divine Caskets

The answer is yes.  Funeral directors are required by law to provide a list of prices for every casket they sell, not just the expensive ones highlighted in the showroom.  There are many places you can purchase a casket.  You may not get the personalized service that you would receive from your local funeral home but if price is your main objective then shop around.  Some Costco locations are even selling caskets.

The Internet is a great source for sites that sell caskets directly to you.  Beware of sites that show photos without prices.  If they are really offering the lowest price then they should not be afraid to list it.  Remember to consider the shipping charges when choosing a casket; you will need it delivered within a few days.  Where the company is and where you are will make a difference.  To keep shipping costs down look for a company that ships from your state.  Some companies have free shipping within the same state. 

To help you find a reputable site look for companies that display the Better Business Logo and give a direct link to their BBB review page.  You will see how long the company has been in business, a BBB rating and any customer complaints. 

When you find the right casket ask your funeral home if they would price match.  I know it sounds strange and you may not be emotionally able to deal with this in your time of need.  A good idea is to let someone that is not so emotionally involved ask for you.

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