Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Raise Money for Funerals?


The sudden death of a loved one can cause unbearable and emotional pain. Their memories always stay alive with us even though we bury them and bid them goodbye. Sometimes we don't have enough money for funeral services and we need to raise money quickly. The average funeral today can be anywhere from $7000 - $12000. We have made a list of activities that can help you raise funds for funeral and memorial services. We hope you will find these suggestions beneficial.

Pre-Plan the expense of the funeral

Death is the ultimate reality check, we all are aware of it. We have to accept this fact and start saving money for the funerals of our family members as well as ourselves. This pre-planning will help us be financially prepared for the funeral expenses. We urge everyone to take the necessary steps so you are never left without a plan in place.

Approach crowd funding websites

There are many other crowdfunding websites out there, which allow you to raise funds for funeral services, memorial services, medical conditions and various other needs. Funeralfund.com is unique because we only cater to individuals who have recently lost loved ones and are need of some financial assistance immediately. All you need to do is create an account, start a crowdfunding campaign, share information about your loved one and ask for funds.

After posting a campaign, you can spread the word to various friends and family members. They will listen to you and start giving funds for your cause. FuneralFund will also do their best to promote your campaign in various media outlets and attract other users to your campaign. It is the most easiest and efficient method to collect funds for a memorial service.  

Asking for donations

Donations are one of the oldest techniques to raise funds for various activities. It can also be used to raise funds for memorial services. There are many ways to get donations for funeral services. Let's see them in detail.

  • Getting donations from friends and relatives When you lose a loved one, your friends will want to support you and your relatives are always ready to help. They understand your emotions and will extend their hand to help you financially as well. So you can approach them and collect funds for arranging a memorial service for your loved one.
  • Utilizing the power of social media Social media websites are a good way to connect your friends and family members. It also helps you to spread the word of your loss to many people. So you can create a social media page for your loved one and receive donations to help with funeral expenses. Many great individuals have raised money through social media for their families and friends.
    So don't underestimate the power of social media platforms. Utilize these platforms and raise money easily.
  • Publish an advertisement in a local newspaper Newspapers are an effective mode of communication. They will not only help you notify people about the death of your loved one, but also help you gather funds for their funeral. All you need to do is post an advertisement and request people to fund for your cause. Don't forget to mention a relevant contact number in the advertisement.
  • Requesting donations from a church The Bible says, Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. The lord is always with us to provide the path of hope. You can visit a church and inform them about the sudden loss of your love one. They will not only pray for your loved one, but also try to arrange funds for the funeral.

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