Friday, September 13, 2013

Strangers Replace "Fire truck" Headstone for 6 year old Child


The temporary grave marker of a little boy who died recently was stolen from a cemetery in Vermontville, Michigan and his gravesite was vandalized. His parents were heartbroken.

Losing their 6 year old was unbearable.

Michelle Malloy and Isaac Maldonado lost their 6-year-old son Zion Maldonado just weeks ago due to a congenital brain defect.  The pain is still unbearable.

"He beat the odds. They said he would never make it out of the womb, but he did. They said he would never smile or laugh on his own but, oh, he did," his mother said. In his six short years of life, Zion made a big impact. "He was a vibrant little boy at heart," Malloy said.

But eventually, Zion lost his battle. "We woke up and he had went in his sleep. He must have been really tired," she said. "I miss my baby," she added.

Zion was buried, surrounded by deceased family nearby

When it was time to bury little Zion at a cemetery in Vermont ville,  a small town northeast of Charlotte in Eaton County, his parents wanted to mark his grave with something special.

His dad found this little fire truck memorial and it had solar headlights, “Cause he didn't like the dark”. And we thought that was perfect because he liked cars," Malloy said.

It was comforting to Malloy that the lights would keep Zion safe at night. They also had family buried nearby that she felt would keep him company.  "He's got his great-aunt behind him and his great-grandma and his great-great-grandma," she said.


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