Thursday, October 3, 2013

Living Reefs and Cremations


A Living Reef is ensured to be undisturbed forever. Unlike traditional burial plots, a Living Reef is designed to remain in the same location and remain completely undisturbed for eternity.

What is an artificial reef or “Living Reef”?

It starts with an artificial marine habitat, an engineered structure that mimics the habitat of targeted species of marine life. When we think of a reef we usually think of coral reefs in the Caribbean or something like that. Think of a reef simply as a structure where animals and plants live.

Why do we need artificial reefs?

They are used for artificial marine habitat technology in erosion control, break water, aquaculture, habitat restoration and mitigation projects. We need artificial reefs to increase productivity in our oceans. Coastal areas and the deep waters are experiencing overfishing. Simply put, we are taking more than we should out of the ocean without regard for the species. There are very clear indications that the consumption rates of ocean products are not going to shrink.

 The circle of life

As populations increase, so do the demands on our oceans. To increase the productivity of the oceans we place reefs into the sea that are engineered to mimic habitat of species that have been directly or indirectly affected by humans. For example; the spiny lobster. Everyone knows what a spiny lobster is. Well, this species is currently being fished very heavily. Lobsters will eat sea urchins. Sea urchins eat the bottoms of the brown algae that make up the kelp forests along the west coast of the United States. It’s the circle of life.

What is a “Living Reef”?

A Living Reef is designed to remain in the same location and remain completely undisturbed for all eternity. A few days after deployment into the sea, the reef begins to take on a life of its’ own. After several decades the reef is now home to thousands of different species of marine life and becomes encrusted with all kinds of marine life. The form of the reef will change over time depending on the buildup of sea life that call your Living Reef home. In fact, your reef creates a vital habitat that produces more fish, and more fish means more commerce.

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