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What is a Bespoke Funeral?

The word “bespoke” is a British term which was coined to define an item that was tailored or made to order with a high level of customization.

The original definition of the word “Bespoke” meant “to speak for something”. Today in the U.K., the term is used to denote a funeral or funeral home that promotes personalization in all respects from the casket (or coffin as they are called in Europe) to the means of burial, (often green) to the celebration of life memorial.

What is a “Bespoke” funeral home?

“Bespoke” funeral homes are popular in the U.K. They are unique in that they respect the rituals and beliefs of all faiths and cultures. Whether the decedent was Protestant, Buddhist or an atheist, each service is specific to the decedent’s final wishes. These funeral homes help families design a last celebration that is profoundly personal and precious. Using poetry, readings and music, they create an event that portrays the unique life story of the decedent.

Bespoke Funerals

Bespoke funerals honor the environment.

Bespoke funerals are often called “green” funerals in that they respect the environment and are eco-friendly. This includes a diverse range of environmentally-friendly coffins made with natural and biodegradable materials. They are respectful of our carbon footprint and encourage the use of garden flowers or flowers that have been grown locally. Grave stones are often marked with an engraved stone or with a tree. The families also use their own vehicles rather than limousines.

During the funeral service, personalized cotton or wool memorial blankets are commonly used to cover an environmentally-friendly wooden or bamboo “coffin”. Handmade paper notebooks are also provided for guests to write in so that a record can be kept for the family of those who attended the funeral.

Personalized coffins.

Coffins can also be decorated with sports memorabilia, college colors or in a manner that honors the decedent’s hobby or career. Families who have lost children are choosing a Hello Kitty or comic book hero themed coffin. A horse-lover was recently buried with their saddle and a picture of the horse painted on the wooden coffin. A nurse asked that her coffin be covered with band aids and signed by all attending.

Bespoke Funerals

Personalizing the coffin can bring a great deal of satisfaction to the family and friends and helps with the grieving process by making the funeral a celebration of a life well-lived.

Bespoke Funerals

Bespoke funerals use celebrants.

Bespoke funerals often use “celebrants” who deliver professional, personalized eulogies which honor and celebrate the decedent. They often close the eulogy with one last gift to guests; to remember the decedent and a life well lived. These gifts are often “green” such as a packet of seeds or a small tree to plant in the decedent’s memory.

While Bespoke funerals are not practiced in the U.S. yet, the personalization trend in funerals is becoming more popular as baby boomers create their own “send-off” or “celebration of life” funerals. Using Celebrants is growing in popularity as are custom urns and caskets. It is just a matter of time before bespoke funerals are practiced in the U.S.

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