Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Funeral Fund sets up the only crowd funding site to aid victims of the Philippine typhoon.

The death toll from one of the strongest storms on record that ravaged the central Philippine city of Tacloban has reached 10,000 people, officials said. 

 Philippines Death Relief Fund

The extent of massive devastation became apparent and horrified residents spoke of storm surges as high as trees.

Regional police chief Elmer Soria said he was briefed by Leyte provincial Gov. Dominic Petilla late Saturday and told there were about 10,000 deaths in the province, mostly by drowning and from collapsed buildings. The governor’s figure was based on reports from village officials in areas where Typhoon Haiyan slammed last week.

Americans are donating but not to funeral costs.

Americans are opening their wallets and providing financial relief to the typhoon-battered Philippines at a pace that may be the third-highest ever for an overseas disaster, but still not enough to satisfy some needs. And, nothing is being donated to needs such as burial expenses.

As Philippine officials try to get aid to desperate Typhoon Haiyan survivors, relief organizations from the Salvation Army to Mercy Corps are reporting strong initial donations. Corporate donations and government aid have also been robust. But what about the 10,000 victims who will soon be buried in a mass grave if assistance doesn’t come soon? Who is donating to cover these costs? Until now, no one.

Despite the outpouring of generosity, organizations such as the Philippine Mortuary Association (PMA) have not been receiving contributions and they are having a very difficult time covering the burial costs of thousands of victims.

 Philippines Death Relief Fund

Many donations but in smaller amounts pour in.

The scene is one of utter devastation. There is no electricity in the entire area and no water. Local emergency food stocks have been distributed but stocks are dwindling. The immediate need is water, both for drinking and both for cleaning and we need to bury the dead with a modicum of dignity.

While technology makes it easier to donate, donations tend to be limited to $10 — below the $50 median a typical household gives, and the funeral associations in the Philippines are being sorely overlooked.

Funeral Fund is helping to raise monies to bury the victims.

 Philippines Death Relief Fund

The Philippines Death Relief has been established by Nancy Burban, Allen Wolford and Renato Dychangco, President of the Philippine Mortuary Association with the help of Funeral Fund to aid the 10,000 deceased victims of this typhoon with a simple burial. Please assist in aiding these victims and their grieving families by donating a small amount for a dignified burial. Just $5 or $10 will be greatly appreciated.

We all need to help these devastated families in any way we can. There are many charities set up to provide food and shelter. The Philippines Death Relief has been set up by Funeral Fund to aid with the burial needs of so many. These victims deserve a dignified burial.

We ask you to help in any way you can.

Nancy Burban


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    The scene is one of utter devastation. There is no electricity in the entire area and no water. Local emergency food stocks have been distributed but stocks are dwindling....


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