Monday, December 9, 2013

Arlin Keith Gulley - Funeral Fund Campaign

Arlin and Amy were driving home on Thursday (12/5) Their car broke down. Arlin got out to push the car out of harm's way. Another vehicle struck Arlin. He died at the scene. Amy and Aries (2yrs old) were taken to the hospital. Tragic and unexpected, Amy is not able to handle the expenses. Any help is appreciated.

Arlin was between jobs, Amy is a stay at home mom to their 2 year old son. They were in the process of moving and struggling with the day to day expenses. Although family and friends have offered help, it will be very difficult for Amy to cover the expenses of the funeral, medical expenses as well as daily living expenses for her and Aries until something is settled. Under the present circumstances, the future is very insecure and just plain scary. She is seeking assistance from agencies available to her. Any funds donated here will go towards Arlin's funeral expenses, remainder will go to their daily support. Thank you all of those willing to give to the Gulley family during these difficult times.

 Arlin Keith Gulley Funeral Fund Campaign

Arlin Keith Gulley Funeral Fund Campaign

Funeral fund

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