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How to memorialize your pet.

Many of us are not pet owners but “Pet Parents” because pets are our canine children. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship that rivals few relationships we will have in life. Some call it the human-animal bond. We call it love and when they die, we grieve.

Types of pet cremation and burial options

There are many creative options when it comes to the final resting place for your pet. Whether you choose to bury your pet or cremate is your choice. You can also bury the cremains (ashes),so you’ll  have a place to visit your beloved canine companion.

Traditional Burial

Granite markers. There are many types of grave markers in a wide variety of materials such as metals, granite and marble. You can also have a photo of your pet, date of death and birth as well as a poem or quote engraved on these markers.

Natural stone markers. You can have information engraved on a stone marker, limited to the size of the stone. These are lovely and eco-friendly. They can be placed on your pet’s grave.

Monuments. Some pet cemeteries permit monuments similar to those placed on the graves in traditional cemeteries for people. When K-9 and other service dogs die, many have beautiful monuments and a place where the community can visit and honor their memory.


Burial of the ashes. You can use granite or stone markers to designate the area where you buried your pet’s cremains. You can also bury your pet in the temporary container that you receive from your Vet or crematory, in a pet urn or in a biodegradable urn such as a tree urn where your pet’s cremains bring life to a lovely memorial tree.

Cremation urns. Cremation urns are the most popular means of memorializing your pet’s ashes. They come in many different forms from wood to metal to ceramic to an actual work of art, designed just for your pet. You can bring your pet back to your home or garden. You can also have an urn with their photo attached.

Scattering the ashes. This is a popular means of memorializing pets. You can scatter their ashes by sea on a memorial cruise, in a favorite park or by air. There are biodegradable urns and scattering urns designed for eco-friendly burials.

Other ways to memorialize your beloved pet:

There are many ways to mark the final resting place for your dear pet and there are very meaningful options for holding your companion close to your heart and turning your grief into memories.

Some great ideas:

Memorial blankets. These memorial blankets comfort you as you wrap your beloved canine or feline around you in the form of a 6 ft. by 4.5 ft. cotton blanket with the image of your beloved pet.

Jewelry for you. There are companies like Life Gem who will embed some of your pet’s cremains in a beautiful diamond or other precious stone.

Pet portraits. Have a portrait painted of your deceased pet or send a photo to one of the many photo retailers who can print on canvas or wood.

Memorial candles. Send a photo to a candle company and have a memorial candle made with a comforting poem and a photo of your pet.

Garden plaques. Whether you bury your pet in your garden or not, these make lovely memorials and you can have a photo, drawing and name of your pet engraved on the stone.

When we lose our family pet, we feel the grief deeply as they were a valued member of our family. We should remember them in a way that honors their life and their love for us.

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