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Thousands carol to fulfill dying girl’s last wish in Pennsylvania.

Delaney Brown, 8, is dying of leukemia but her community is giving her all the support it can.
Delaney Brown, 8, of West Reading, Pa., is dying of a rare form of leukemia but her community is giving her all the support it can. Brown also got to talk to pop star Taylor Swift on her birthday Friday. 

Ten thousand people in Pennsylvania came out to sing to a terminally ill eight-year-old girl who has given them much inspiration during her courageous battle with cancer.

Laney arrived home from the hospital Thursday, Dec. 19, according to her "Team Laney" Facebook page. Her doctors have said her rare form of leukemia means she only has a few days or possibly weeks left to live.

10,000 carolers sang to Delaney Brown outside her window.

On Saturday an estimated 10,000 people visited the home of Delaney Brown in West Reading Pa. The group sang songs and fulfilled one of the dying girl's last wishes — a huge holiday sing-along outside her house.

Laney was too ill to come out to see the well-wishers herself but her family posted a picture of her with an oxygen mask and giving two thumbs up.

"I can hear you now!!! Love you!" she cried.

The warm weather was a message from God.

"I can't even express how I feel," caroler Krysta Reber, who has a daughter Laney's age said. Others at the event noted the warm weather that night and believed it was a message from God to do this for Laney.

"I believe this was God's way of saying 'Hey, listen. I need you to go see my little angel an give her that singing that she deserves," said Chandra Smith, a mother and grandmother said.

Her family is posting constant updates on her condition on the Facebook page and Laney is doing the best she can. She is strong and her spirit is high.

Laney gets a birthday gift from Taylor Swift.

Her birthday was Dec. 13 and though she was too sick to have a party and blow out the candles on her cake she did have an amazing gift — a conversation with Taylor Swift.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation arranged the meeting with the pop star on a video chat.

"Laney was so nervous to talk to her because she is such a 'famous celebrity,'" her mother posted. "I was actually worried that when Taylor contacted her she would be too scared to talk but Taylor was fabulous!!"

Laney already has a miracle. Her Mom.

The family said Laney is appreciative of everything people are doing.

When her mother told her on Thursday she wished she could give her daughter a miracle Laney replied she already got one.  "I have you as my Mommy!!" she said.

"Enough said! What an incredible child!!" her family stated.

We think so too. 

Merry Christmas Laney, our little angel !!!

People fill the 400 block of Chestnut Street in West Reading, Pa., where thousands of people came out to sing Christmas carols in front of the home of Delaney "Laney" Brown, 8.

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  1. Breaks my heart, but warms my spirit that 10,000 people cared so much.


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