Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ebony Franks - Funeral Fund Campaign

My daughter was a beautiful strong child, though she was born with CP and couldn't walk or talk, She taught us how to be strong and how perservere through the struggles of life. She taught us patience and understanding with just a smile, and how to face each day bravely with just a blink of an eye. Thruogh all the pain that she faced daily, she did so bravely. Now that my princess is gone, we would love to give her a Going Home worthy of the princess that she was. And we're asking for your help in monetrary Donations to help us cover the cost of her Going Home that we are unable to cover. Being that this was so unexpecting, we had very little saved up for such an expensive trumatic event. Do to my daughters painful disabilities, she wasn't suppose to live past two. But being the strong fighter that she was, she gave us 19 beautiful years of her beautiful smile and soul. So no matter what you can give to help us give her a beautiful send off, will trul be greatly appreciated..... Thank you and GOD BLESS you all.......Sincerely, Julia Franks & Family

Ebony Franks Funeral Fund Campaign

Funeral fund

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