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Free Online Tool Provides Vital Info. to Funeral Home Immediately.

It is no easy task to effectively plan and prepare for a funeral, especially if you are in a heightened emotional state following bereavement.

Providing the vital statistics for a death certificate while at the funeral home can be overwhelming for some families. Wouldn't it be convenient for all if the funeral home already had all the death certificate info. before your family shows up for final arrangements?

Families are overwhelmed by the tasks involved.

If the death was unexpected, then you are thrust into the arduous task of planning the funeral with very little time. As soon as you are aware a death is imminent, or have just been notified of a death, the first thing you need to do is say your goodbyes to your loved one and arrange to have the deceased transferred to a funeral home.

Choosing a funeral home before a death saves precious time.

If you have already decided upon which funeral home you are going to use, you will be saving a lot of time and will not have to make important financial and logistical decisions at the worst time in your life. Choose a funeral home before a death occurs so you can make educated choices.

The arrangement conference.

After the funeral director takes your loved one into their care, you will have to visit soon after to make the final arrangements for funeral and burial plans.

In this digital age, wouldn’t it be convenient if you could just fill out a form with all the information that the funeral home would need for the death certificate from the comfort of your home? This would allow you some time to compose yourself before you meet with the funeral director to plan your loved one’s funeral.

For times when it’s just not possible for your family to travel to the funeral home right away this can be a convenient way to communicate wherever you happen to be at the time of death.

There is a free form online that can save you time.

Now there’s a free online tool that you can download, fill in the information that the funeral home will need and concentrate on other tasks that need to be completed before the funeral.

Simply click on the link below, complete the form and email the information directly to the funeral home. The funeral director will instantly get an email with all the information you provided. It's fast and simple and FREE.

Funeral homes can email this link to families and save time.

Funeral homes can also utilize the link by supplying it to their families. This assistance to the family is very helpful. It's a time saver and we can all use the extra time to help plan the funeral. The arrangement conference can be spent planning, not collecting vital data. Funeral Directors can better utilize their time providing counseling and advice.

The new online tool provides help regarding the collection of the information needed for a death certificate; they deliberately left out a space for the social security number because that information should never be shared electronically.

Thank you to Vermont Funeral Director Jeff Staab for creating this time-saving tool for grieving families.

Click the link provided below to view this free simple online death certificate tool:

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