Friday, June 27, 2014

Funeral Traditions Around The World (Infographic)

Cultures around the world have been practicing all types of crazy funeral rituals to memorialize their loved ones. Some traditions are ancient and have been practiced for centuries, while some are brand new developments thanks to scientific advancements. From having your ashes shot out into space, to having your remains stored into a diamond, it's all pretty out of this world.

When we think of a funeral, we traditionally consider a old-fashioned burial, some type of entombment or possibly a cremation.  What if we told you however, that you could have your ashes packed into fireworks and exploded across the sky for your whole family to see. Alternatively, what if we told you that you could spend eternity travelling into space becoming the astronaut that you wanted to be while you were living. Your family would find happiness it knowing that you were always around somewhere in the universe.
So we ask you now... Do funerals have to be grim? For centuries, certain cultures across the planet have taken death as an opportunity to celebrate ones life on Earth, and to remember all the happy moments that they spent together. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a traditional funeral, we at wanted to invite you to think outside the coffin with regards to death. Therefore, we developed an original infographic and quiz to discover some of the crazy funeral traditions already being practiced today. Check it out! 

Funeral Traditions Around The World


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