Monday, July 7, 2014

Reaching Out

Photo Credit: Garfield Anderssen  flickr cc

It’s difficult to ask for financial assistance. Whether you are in need of funds for funeral services, holding the reception or even setting aside funds for the family left to cope, can help. While you are in need of support, create your own campaign. Share yours or your loved one’s story and include your monetary goals for this site.
Reach out to your friends and family via social media and share your campaign. There are plenty of ways to be heard in today’s instant messaging, mobile emailing, Facebook checking, Twitter tweeting world. Your campaign will remain active for 14 days. In that time, anyone can make a donation in the amount of their choosing. So, embolden your cause by spreading the love and sharing your story!

Keep in mind; donations you receive can exceed your goals. However, donations will no longer be accepted at the end of your 14-day campaign.

More times than not, asking for financial help can be intimidating. Our aim is to help make that bridge a little easier for you to cross by supplying you a means to voice your needs. In sum, we all need help occasionally, reach out and tell your story!

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