Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are We Moving to Fast?

Photo credit:CFP BBC

A major city in China has opened up a portion of its pavement for mobile phone users to entranced by the activity on their screens to avoid other pedestrians.  It runs parallel to the normal pedestrian lane.  Individuals so focused on their mobile units are not paying attention to traffic or other pedestrians.

Are we moving so fast that we cannot even see the rose bushes let alone stop and smell them?  What are we teaching our children who are becoming more isolated each year.  Human contact is at a minimum.  Children sit in front of the computer or television for hours each day and choose not to go outside and interact with other kids.

As we age the realization that we won’t live-forever becomes clear.  All of our new electronic gadgets won’t be there for us in the end.  Life is worth living.  Lift up your head and experience it.

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