Friday, September 19, 2014

Is an Abandoned Church a Place for a Miracle?

Greg Thomas  Photo Credit:KARE

Greg Thomas believes it is.  Diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer he told his family to start planning his funeral.  He quit his job and along with his dog started taking daily walks. 

On one walk he found a deserted church at the end of a gravel road. He began asking about the church and found out it was built in 1868 by Czech settlers and had not been used for a congregation in more than a century. He was given permission to enter the church for prayer. Inside he found a dust-covered museum in need of care. He started removing the many layers of paint and making plans to repair the rotten roof and floors. 

Greg has been on a feeding tube for three years but his cancer is in remission.  The church has been feeding him spiritually while he brings it back to life. 

Greg is restoring the old church but it is hard to say who’s saving whom.

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