Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Poem That Touched My Heart

Photo Credit: Alice Popkorn  Flickr cc

Sometimes you read a poem or hear a song and it speaks exactly what you need to hear at that moment.  This poem spoke to me and I hope it resonates with you.  I wish I knew the name of the author so I could give them proper credit.  Do you have a poem that is special for you?  Something that touched your heart, brought you peace or helped you to understand?

The Angels

May angels rest beside your door, 
May you hear their voices sing. 
May you feel their loving care for you, 
May you hear their peace bells ring. 
May angels always care for you, 
And not let you trip and fall, 
May they bear you up on angel's wings, 
May they keep you standing tall. 
May they whisper wisdom in your ear, 
May they touch you when you need, 
May they remove from you each trace of fear, 
May they keep you from feeling greed. 
May they fill you with their presence, 
May they show you love untold, 
May they always stand beside you 
And make you ever bold. 
May they teach you what you need to know 
About life here and here-after. 
May they fill you always with their love 
And give you the gift of laughter

Guardian Angels Poems
by Unknown

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