Monday, April 20, 2015

Cheryl Ann Godvin - Funeral Fund

[Image: Cheryl Ann Godvin]

Last night at 10:47pm while holding my Mother's hand, I watched her take her last breath. My Mother was 52 years young, and diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma 4 years ago. Even after her mole was removed twice per dermatologist, they never referred her to an Oncologist and I will never understand why. Over the past few years my Mom has had over 4 surgeries to remove the cancer cells, that had metastasized to her lymph nodes in her groin and pelvis. She was classified as Stage 4, and with the doctors suggestion, she decided to start an immunotherapy drug called Yervoy which would basically boost your immune system into killing the cancer cells. My Mom was the most independent woman you'd ever meet, she made all the decisions, and she made the decision to do the treatments without over discussing it as a family and looking at the risks. A month ago we found out the Yervoy had caused severe colitis, which later led to the complete excision of her colon. She came out of the surgery unstable, but was quickly recovering and things were starting to look up. Until yesterday, at 9am when the doctors informed my Dad, sister, and I that there had appeared to be another perforation somewhere in her small intestine, her blood levels were filled with lactic acid, and her white blood cell count was to the roof, doctors refused to do surgery considering her body had been taken over internally by infection, and sepsis. At 12pm Hospice arrived and gave her 3 days to live, by 11:47pm she was gone. Looking back now, if our family had been more informed, and prepared, we could have saved a lot of time, time that I will never be able to get back. But who prepares for death? How do you prepare to say goodbye to your Mom. I am only 23 years old, and I will never get to tell my Mom I am engaged, pick out a wedding dress, tell her she's a grandma, or watch her grow old with my Dad. Like most parents, they do not discuss their financial situation with their children, my Dad informed us that once you hit a certain age, life insurance funds sky rocket, and unfortunately he could only afford one policy. They kept insurance on my Dad, considering he is 8 years old and assumed he'd be the first to leave. As most people know, funerals, memorial services and fees are extremely expensive. We've been holding off on a date for a service due to the financial bind we are in. My Mom did everything for my Dad, Sister and I: the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and all of the financial paying including bills. She was in charge of everything. My Dad had mentioned he has too much pride to ask for the money of others. I am setting up this fund account to help with the cost of the funeral services, and the many medical bills that I assume will be coming after almost two months in the hospital. Anything would help us, my grief stricken Dad is overwhelmed with rumbling through bills and trying to figure everything out, along with funeral planning, financial funds, all while dealing with the loss of his soul mate and the love of his life. Unfortunately, we don’t have much family, it’s just the three of us, my Dad, Sister and I. We would appreciate the help so incredibly much! I just want to have a proper memorial service for my beautiful Mom.

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