Friday, August 8, 2014

Jonestown Wounds Reopened

Photo credit: Jason Minto/special to the news journal

Nov. 18, 1978 Jim Jones, the religious leader in Jonestown, orchestrated a ritual of mass murder and suicide instructing his members to drink cyanide-laced punch. 911 bodies including children and a U.S. congressman were flown to the U.S. Dover Air Force Base. 

The Dover, Del. Funeral homes struggled to quickly help the families make arrangements.  Most of them were sent back home. 409 are in a mass grave in Oakland, CA.  Many of the followers of Jim Jones were from the San Francisco, CA area. 

This week the remains of nine victims were found in a bank owned, decrepit, now-shuttered funeral home in Dover.  The survivors are traumatized, revisiting the horror of that day.

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