Thursday, September 25, 2014

Honoring Your Loved One With Memorial Gardening

Photo Credit: C. White

The loss of a loved one is a difficult blow to bear. After the hardest parts of the mourning process are over, you may be aching for some sort of way to honor the memory of the deceased. If you have an interest in gardening and wish to create a meaningful memorial for your lost loved one, perhaps you should consider creating a memorial garden in their name. This can be done to whatever lengths you would like. A simple shrine in your small private garden may be all you need to peacefully enjoy their memory. Or you may wish to create something more elaborate that will give you a positive outlet for your grief.

Locate a spot you feel best captures what they would have appreciated, or a spot that you feel is most peaceful or pleasant for you and other mutual loved ones of the deceased. You will most likely want to have a seating area, but this is not essential if you are the sort who likes to be close to the earth. Choose plantings that your loved one would have enjoyed; possibly their favorite flowers, things that they had in their own yard or garden, or some other plant that you had a common interest in that may be special to you as well.

You can include garden art, memorial stones, or other such features if you wish. The beauty of a memorial garden is the creative therapy it offers you the mourning loved one. Take full advantage of the project and be passionately creative in the honor of your loved one. If you are considering beginning a memorial garden, involve, as many mutual loved ones as possible to offer them the same therapeutic outlet. Together, you can make a thriving space of life to honor the life that touched yours so deeply.

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  1. Memorial garden for our loved once is a very great and different idea. Thanks a lot for sharing....


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