Sunday, October 5, 2014

Harry Clif Nickens - Funeral Fund Campaign

Grandpa Clif is all we ever called him. Sadly me & Clif's son seperated when the boys were young. life's twists & turns my sons had alot of obstacles/storms to overcome. I became disabled w/Fibromyalgia which changed our lives dramatically as I could no longer wotk. Grandpa Clif who got around every day of his life on crutches quickly tucked my boys under his wings taking on some of the extra things I could not afford. Ex; When my boys were @ the right age their grand paw made sure they had a cell phone knowing how much as a mother this meant to me. He once got a friend to play Happy Birthday @ Mason's party on a Saxophone!.He was there every Holiday helping out when I could only afford to give them a little.He funded Mason's(#23)Baseball equip. All 3 grandkids were born on the 23rd day making it their lucky #. His last gift leaving me so humble-he helped Mackenzie get his 1st car! He was just about to help Mason who turns 16 Oct.23 w/his driving permit. He maintained them having an ATT cell to the very day. In his goodness he would not even leave out the boys sisters from my prior marriage. It is my prayers to be able to help his 2 children w/the high funeral costs & keep my babies w/cell phones @ least a few months paid up so their lives are not fringed again & they can focus on nothing but loving memories & healing from this deep intense loss. My deepest gratitude to all of you who loved Mr.Clif & as for any donations -'thank-you' just isnt enough. He tried so hard to finish setting both of my sons up so going into the world as young adults would for once not be a mountain to climb. I'd do anything to take their pain but I cant but w/your help I can @ least remove some worries in the back of their minds during this ordeal & help his children w/expenses as well , GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

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  1. This was not created by one of Clif's family members. Its a scam.


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