Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rev. Jennifer Margaret Stiastny - Funeral Fund

[Image: Rev. Jennifer Margaret Stiastny]

Aloha... Thank you for taking the time to read this. Everyone has someone special who deserves the most gracious passing anyone could ever want. Unfortunately we cannot afford the goodbye every Mother, Daughter, Sister and Nana deserves. She was the sparkle that brought thousands of people together, from all over the world.
Jennifer's love for Hawaii and her passion for marrying couples in Hawaii created an everlasting Fairy Tale for so many people. She gave her life to others and even through the tough times her smile would brighten the darkest days. Those who knew her, knew her. She was unique, one of a kind, a person who everyone wants to spend that extra 5 minutes with. If she called you then you knew you were in for the chat, laugh, spiritual journey of your life.
She captured every moment and ran with it, never stopping to pause, always ready for her next challenge or journey in life. She left this Earth with a heart full of love and anyone who knows her, knew that she always wanted the sun to shine on the world.
Born in England in 1950 Jennifer moved to Hawaii to start her new life as a Priestess doing what she loved best, placing people together in the name of God. She will be greatly missed by all who had the honor to know her or met her. R.I.P xoxo

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